sunproteinSunflower Vegetal Protein, 100% natural and protein concentration over 80%

SunProtein ™ is a pure product with protein content over 80% and offers high nutritional value with a complete and balanced composition of essential amino acids, such as BCAAs (leucine, valine and isoleucine).

Contain neutral flavor (cream color) and typical of vegetables (green color), high digestibility (95%) and low potential allergenic because the product contain no gluten, no lactose, no soy or food additives, besides being GMO Free (no genetically modified organisms).

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NaturalGluten FreeLactose FreeNon GMOVeganProdução SustentávelEquilíbrio de AminoácidosAlta concentração proteicaAlta digestibilidade


KosherFDA ApprovedFSSC 22000Halal Certified
bio technologies

The company BioTechnologies was founded in Russia in 2012 to carry out a large-scale project SUNFLOWER PROTEIN. High-tech production of oilseed protein concentrate.